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Tango (1998)

Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash are narcotics detectives who, while both being extremely successful, can't stand each other. Crime Lord Yves Perret, furious at the loss of income that Tango and Cash have caused him, frames the two for murder. Caught with the murder weapon on the scene of the crime, the two have no alibi. Thrown into prison with most of the criminals they helped convict, it appears that they are going to have to trust each other if they are to clear their names and catch the evil Perret.

The movie Tango, released in 1998, features 24 songs from artists like Adriana Varela, Cecilia Narova, Carlos Rivarola, Cecilia Narova, Mia Maestro, Carlos Rivarola and Cecilia Narova, Mia Maestro. What is your favorite song from Tango?


Songs from Tango

El Choclo
Los inmigrantes
Qui?n hubiera dicho
Adriana Varela
Flores del alma
Viviana Vigil, H?ctor Pilatti
Quejas de bandone?n
Tango para percusi?n
Cecilia Narova, Carlos Rivarola
La yumba
Tango del atardecer
Cecilia Narova, Mia Maestro, Carlos Rivarola
Tango lunaire
Cecilia Narova, Mia Maestro
La represi?n
Mia Maestro and the dance ensemble
Coraz?n de oro
the dance ensemble
Tango b?rbaro
Cecilia Narova, Carlos Rivarola
Juan Carlos Copes, Lorena Yacono
A Juan Carlos Copes
Mia Maestro, Juan Carlos Copes and the dance ensemble
Arrabal amargo
A fuego lento
El Nuevo Quinteto Real
Mia Maestro
Se dice de m?
singers: Tita Merello , Roxana Font?n
Zorro gris
Lucas Galera, Sabrina Morales
Julio Bocca with Carlos Rivarola and the dance ensemble
Va pensiero from the opera Nabucco
The Deutsche Oper Orchestra
La cumparsita
Cecilia Narova, Juan Carlos Copes

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