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Tahaan (2008)

A tender fable about childhood innocence amid the realities of war is set against the rugged landscape of Kashmir, so long a flash point for the territorial claims of neighboring India and Pakistan. The title character, an eight year old mountain boy, often hears distant gunfire. But it is not until he goes on a quest to reclaim his beloved donkey, which has been confiscated as payment of his poor family's debts, that he is drawn toward a violence he has no capacity to understand.

The movie Tahaan, released in 2008, features 16 songs from artists like Adnan Sami, Ritesh Menon, Gulzar Ganai and Sumedha Karmahe. What is your favorite song from Tahaan?


Songs from Tahaan

Jee Lo
Adnan Sami
Mastaan Mastaan Modern
Ritesh Menon
Mastaan Mastaan Folk
Gulzar Ganai
Chakhri Modern
Sumedha Karmahe
Tahaan Victory (Theme)
Tahaan The Beginning (Theme)
Ha Faqeero
Gulzar Ganai
Agony (Theme)
The Missing (Theme)
Hope (Theme)
Storytelling (Theme)
Shaft Of Light (Theme)
Kashmiri Pundits (Theme)
Idrees's Rebel (Theme)
Dilemma (Theme)
Tahaan Slow (Theme)