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Sweet n' Short (1991)

In South Africa, Sweet Coetzee wins an award for 20 years service as a sportscaster on his 40th birthday, beating his rival, pompous George "The Weasle" Weedle. After Sweet gets drunk one night at his birthday party, he misses a sportscast and his boss, Bryce Williams demotes him to interviewer and promotes Weedle. A subplot of the film are two robbers, "Bossy" and "Savage" who the main characters remain remotely unaware of as they are just a comic theme. Sweet pulls a prank on Weedle during a golf game and is suspended for six month. Sweet also records Weedle having humorous intercourse with a prostitute, "The Orphan in a Storm". Sweet then decides to drown his sorrows in a casino at the slot machines, where he tricks a small boy, Alfred "Shorty" Short into thinking he is a genie. Bossy and Savage try to rob the casino when they accidentally break the disco ball and it knocks Sweet unconscious just as he hits the jackpot.

The movie Sweet n' Short, released in 1991, features 10 songs from artists like Adult Art, Wendy Oldfield and Zamu Mbutho. What is your favorite song from Sweet n' Short?


Songs from Sweet n' Short

Much too Short
Adult Art
Living in a New World
Wendy Oldfield
New South African Anthem
Zamu Mbutho
In the Fullness of Time
Adult Art
Hi Africa
Adult Art
Bossie and Savage Theme
Adult Art
Watch Me Burn
Adult Art
Bosveld Bul
Vat Hom Dawie