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Suden vuosi (2007)

Sari is a young, beautiful and intelligent girl who is busy studying at university,but she suffers from epilepsy and has to face death on a daily basis. Mikko is hersomewhat older university teacher, who is tired of life, and who one day decides toabandon his wife, children and idea of a perfect life. Both characters have been tooscared to live their lives to the brim for too long. But they meet, and in spite oftheir prejudices and reserved natures, they manage to create a dramatic and movingmodern romance which confronts numerous taboos. While the imagery explores theboundary between life and death in a most poetic way, the odd couple's romance istold with both bite and humour. Society - be it in the shape of angry ex-wives,overprotective parents, conservative aunts or embittered colleagues - is doing whatit can to put a spanner in the works."

The movie Suden vuosi, released in 2007, features 9 songs from artists like Kemopetrol, Velcra, Husky Rescue and The Orders. What is your favorite song from Suden vuosi?


Songs from Suden vuosi

Facing Yourself
My Law
My World
Husky Rescue
Worlds Processing Evil
The Orders
Desperation Takes Hold
The Orders
Wear Out The Soles
Carnival of Rust
Poets of the Fall
Joulu y?, juhla y?
Sylvian joululaulu
Tapani Kansa

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