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Strictly Sexual (2008)

Two successful women, sick and tired of dating and relationships, decide to keep two young men in their pool house for strictly sexual purposes.

The movie Strictly Sexual, released in 2008, features 19 songs from artists like Danny Manor & Lilla DMone, Kelly McGrath, Danny Manor and Josh Nelson Group. What is your favorite song from Strictly Sexual?


Songs from Strictly Sexual

Unethical Mind
Danny Manor & Lilla DMone
Take Me Home
Kelly McGrath
Danny Manor
Sitchiations Remix
Danny Manor & Lilla DMone
Southern Shores of L.A.
Josh Nelson Group
My Best Year
The Solids
Kelly McGrath
Princess Slowdown
Danny Manor
Man with Dreams
Josh Nelson
Walk Away
Brock Hillman
H. Scott Salinas & Marcus Brown
Dirty Money fr. Myg
Lilla DMone & Myg
Page For the Kid Who Died
The Solids
Strictly Fashion
Danny Manor
What You're Looking For
Kyler England
Across the Overpass
The Solids
If Anything
The Solids
The Way We Used To Be
Josh Nelson & Alistar Tober