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Spy Sorge (2003)

A foreign spy using the Sorge alias is assigned to Tokyo the capital of Japan just prior to the outbreak of World War II and in the midst of the Japanese imperial ambitions in Eastern Asia. The spy becomes acquainted with a sympathetic communist who like he is attached to the ideals of freedom and rule of the masses. Sorge is able to feed the Soviet Union useful information regarding the Axis allies and their movements in Asia and beyond.

The movie Spy Sorge, released in 2003, features 9 songs from artists like Tokyo Koukyougakudan, Daisuke Suzuki guitar, Yomiuri Nippon Koukyougakudaan and Jun Shiraishi. What is your favorite song from Spy Sorge?


Songs from Spy Sorge

Koukyoukyoku dai5ban 'Simplex'
Tokyo Koukyougakudan
Koukyoukyoku dai6ban 'Ko no zahyou no ue de'
Shin-Nippon Firuh?mon? Kangengakudan
Daisuke Suzuki guitar
Gengaku no tame no Requiem
Yomiuri Nippon Koukyougakudaan
Jesus bleibet meine Feude
Jun Shiraishi
Cello Suites No. 6
Pau Casals (as Pabulo Kazarusu)
Connais-tu le pays
Deva-Dassy (as Dova Das?)
Imagine (instrumental version)

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