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Sparkler (1997)

Melba is a Californian trailer-park girl who is told to look for three kings by a phone psychic, and when she meets three guys - Trent, Brad and Joel traveling to Las Vegas, she decides they are those kings and joins them on their trip.

The movie Sparkler, released in 1997, features 18 songs from artists like Joan Jett, Danny Keogh, Angela McCluskey & David E. Russo (as David Russo), Wiskey Biscuit and Charlie Nobody. What is your favorite song from Sparkler?


Songs from Sparkler

Do You Wanna Touch
Joan Jett
270 Miles Away
Danny Keogh, Angela McCluskey & David E. Russo (as David Russo)
Trailer Park Sweetheart
Wiskey Biscuit
Charlie Nobody
Taken All I've Got
Mount Pilot
Show of Hands
Deborah Falconer
Don't Exactly Have a Plan
Wiskey Biscuit
11th Street
Ted Passing Out
Green Is the Color
Angela McCluskey and David E. Russo (as David Russo)
Mount Pilot
Look Out
Louie Aqua Verde
Louie Aqua Verde
Keep On
Deborah Falconer
Walk Alone
Mount Pilot
Wiskey Biscuit
Wiskey Biscuit

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