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Songcatcher (2000)

After being denied a promotion at the university where she teaches, Doctor Lily Penleric, a brilliant musicologist, impulsively visits her sister, who runs a struggling rural school in Appalachia. There she stumbles upon the discovery of her life - a treasure trove of ancient Scots-Irish ballads, songs that have been handed down from generation to generation, preserved intact by the seclusion of the mountains. With the goal of securing her promotion, Lily ventures into the most isolated areas of the mountains to collect the songs and finds herself increasingly enchanted.

The movie Songcatcher, released in 2000, features 21 songs from artists like Emmylou Harris during the end credits and Dolly Parton and Emmy Rossum. What is your favorite song from Songcatcher?


Songs from Songcatcher

Old Joe Clark
Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies
Conversation with Death
Down in a Willow Garden
Johnnie Scot
Leather Breeches
Lord Randall
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellinor
Matty Groves
Pretty Saro
Sally Goodin
Silk Merchant's Daughter
Single Girl
Soldier's Joy
The Trooper and the Maid
The Two Sisters
Young Hunting
When the Mountains Cry
Pickin' That Thang (Dr. Joe)
Barbara Allen
Emmylou Harris during the end credits
When Love Is New
Dolly Parton and Emmy Rossum