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Snow Angels (2007)

Waitress Annie has separated from her suicidal alcoholic husband, Glenn. Glenn has become an evangelical Christian, but his erratic attempts at getting back into Annie's life have alarmed her. High school student Arthur works at Annie's restaurant, growing closer to a new kid in town, Lila, after class. When Glenn and Annie's daughter go missing, the whole town searches for her, as he increasingly spirals out of control.

The movie Snow Angels, released in 2007, features 18 songs from artists like Atlantic Region Cadet Tri-Service Band, Mt. Egypt, Harem Scarem and Gene Autry. What is your favorite song from Snow Angels?


Songs from Snow Angels

This Gentle Hearts Like Shot Bird's Fallen
Atlantic Region Cadet Tri-Service Band
Chinese Character 1
The Now Penguin
Mt. Egypt
Harem Scarem
In the Heart of the West
Gene Autry
4 Robots Fucking in a Wool Sock
Shane Hartman (as Uno Dose)
You, Me, and a Glass of Chablis
Alan Zahn and Dan Lindau
Will I Ever Get Back Home Again
Little Axe
Chinese Character 2
Lovely Dub
Shane Hartman (as Uno Dose)
New Orleans Slaughterhouse
Shane Hartman (as Uno Dose)
The Game
Atlantic Regional Cadet Tri-Service Band
Jasmine Night
I Think I Left a Note
A Thousand Paper Cranes
Baby, I'm a Want You
What Happens After
Explosions in the Sky