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Slim Slam Slum (2002)

The film is about Slim, Slam and Slum from the Danish cartoon series, three young boys at twenty-something who lives in an apartment in Nordvest in Denmark. They are the kind of guys which is using a lot time sitting on the toilet, playing Playstation and smoking pot. But suddenly they all quit their bad salary jobs, and start on fresh with something new. They get a big weird idea on gaining money, power and respect. First of all they start a popular web site that their conman partner Dahlgård which after a little time betrays them and sell the site. Then the three boys start Boomin Crew, a music group of hip hop. They all suddenly get in love with the three honeys, Dit, Dat and Dut, and their new goals are to try snap up with them.

The movie Slim Slam Slum, released in 2002, features 9 songs from artists like Outlandish, Artificial Funk, Golly Kids and Hvid Sjokolade. What is your favorite song from Slim Slam Slum?


Songs from Slim Slam Slum

Big Up
Artificial Funk
Brevet Til Syden instrumental
Golly Kids
Verners Polterabend
Mon ik'? Instrumental
Hvid Sjokolade
K?benhavn, K?benhavn
Den galse pose

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