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Slap Happy Pappy (1940)

Porky runs a farm; we see him plowing the fields. But it's primarily a poultry farm; as the sign says, "For sale: Miracle eggs if it's a good egg, it's a miracle." A rabbit, doing a Jack Benny impression (Jack Bunny), paints and inspects eggs. He starts to smash and reject a black egg, but it hatches into a black baby bird doing a Rochester impression. We next visit the Eddie Cackler family, (Eddie Cantor) who have been trying without success to have a son; the next five eggs hatch, and they are again all girls. A Bing Crosby lookalike comes by with a stroller full of sons, and Eddie asks for his secret; he demonstrates by crooning to a chick, who lays dozens of eggs with boys names on them. Eddie croons to his wife, but in a higher pitch, then dances out singing the theme song to other caricatures. The egg hatches, but in answer to Eddie's question, is it really a boy? "Mmmm... could be."

The movie Slap Happy Pappy, released in 1940, features 10 songs from artists like cartoon parody of Bing Crosby. What is your favorite song from Slap Happy Pappy?


Songs from Slap Happy Pappy

What's the Matter with Father
Rock-a-Bye Baby
Chicken Reel
Am I Blue?
You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
Arkansas Traveler
Dear Little Boy of Mine
Heaven Can Wait
If I Could Be With You
cartoon parody of Bing Crosby