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Shades of Love: Make Mine Chartreuse (1987)

Rosemary, an energetic and prosperous executive, orders her driver to buy 2 bottles of chartreuse To impress a difficult client. afterr setting up a meeting withnthe client, she goes to a bookstore where, She meets Steve Grady, whose books she also loves, and falls for their author's charm and wit. But both are workaholics and their professional and emotional lives are difficult to reconcile. During one of the rare weekends they spend together, the lovers discover how deeply they care for one another. Still, Rosemary continues to resist. When she finally gives in, they drink to it with chartreuse. Stars Joseph Bottoms and Catherine Colvey. Directed by Jim Kaufman.

The movie Shades of Love: Make Mine Chartreuse, released in 1987, features 3 songs from artists like Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton. What is your favorite song from Shades of Love: Make Mine Chartreuse?


Songs from Shades of Love: Make Mine Chartreuse

Jamaica Farewell
We've Got Tonight
Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton
Always Saying Goodbye (theme from 'Shades of Love')