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Sex with Strangers (2002)

For some married couples, sex is an obsession that overwhelms their belief in strict monogamy. The ability to act out their sexual fantasies is more important than upholding any convention of love or marriage. Sex with Strangers paints an authentically intimate portrait of three such couples, from the euphoria of fantasies fulfilled to the desperation of splintering relationships, showing how their lives are profoundly affected by the lifestyle they lead. James and Theresa, a couple in their thirties, use their motor home as a pleasure palace travelling from club to club seducing couples wherever they go. Calvin and Sarah are thinking about getting married when they meet Julie, who doesn't swing, and isn't bisexual - until she falls for Calvin. Psychodrama almost displaces sex for Shannon and Gerard, who are passionate about swinging, even as they question whether the lifestyle is really for them...

The movie Sex with Strangers, released in 2002, features 4 songs from artists like Foghat, Tahiti 80, Joan Jett and Jennifer Cihi. What is your favorite song from Sex with Strangers?


Songs from Sex with Strangers

I Just Want To Make Love To You
Tahiti 80
I Hate Myself For Loving You
Joan Jett
I Know What Boys Like
Jennifer Cihi

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