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Sample People (2000)

Sample People is an upbeat dramatic thriller that follows four groups of Sydney-siders as they seek escape routes over one sweltering weekend. 'Len the dreamer' who stutters shyly just wants the gorgeous DJ Lush Puppy. Sem is a funky musician who has a premonition warning him that his girlfriend, Cleo, is in danger. He just wants to get them both out of their inner-city world. Andy is the charismatic drifter who's conned his way through life and stolen money from his boss, TT. He just wants to head up the coast with TT's girlfriend, Jess, but seems to be falling deeper into a love triangle of drugs and delusion. Finally, there's Joey, a TV affected homeboy, who reveals to his best friend Gus that he's got a gun and will use it sooner or later. The inevitable moment will arrive whin his violent gangster fantisies become reality. As the lives of our heroes become dramatically entwined, the consequences of their actions ricochet off each other.

The movie Sample People, released in 2000, features 18 songs from artists like Grinspoon, Kylie Minogue, Sonic Animation and Not From There. What is your favorite song from Sample People?


Songs from Sample People

Take A Long Line
The Real Thing
Kylie Minogue
Horror Movie
Sonic Animation
I Like It Both Ways
Not From There
Don't Change
Magic Number
Who Listens To The Radio
The Whitlams
Alone With You
The Superjesus
Sweet Sweet Love
Russell Morris
Sweet Sweet Love (Paul Mac Remix)
Russell Morris
Boy From The Stars
The Mavis's
Custard and licensed by BMG Australia Ltd/rooArt
One Step Ahead
Kiley Gaffney
Gay Sex Guru
Jimmy Streets
Night For A Play
Joey's Time
Aja Aja
Sky Go Brown
Brown Hornet

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