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Samba in Mettmann (2004)

Olaf is to take care of the family's cleaner's store, while his dad is away on a fair. In the evening he runs into three Brazilian ladies thrown out of a limousine not knowing where to go. Olaf invites them to stay with him and his deaf pot-smoking grandfather, which at first just causes some confusion as he soon is to marry his girlfriend Vera. The next day it's topsy-turvy all over.

The movie Samba in Mettmann, released in 2004, features 7 songs from artists like Jana Ina, Habib Benedikt Elias and Hape Kerkeling. What is your favorite song from Samba in Mettmann?


Songs from Samba in Mettmann

A Danca Do Cafune
Est? rolando o Samba
Jana Ina
Bicho Feroz
Quem me amargou
Habib Benedikt Elias
Serenata Huasteca
Victor Iba?ez
Tanze Samba mit mir
Hape Kerkeling

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