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Remedy Live (2005)

Legendary Yes guitarist and his band Remedy, featuring his two sons, perform a live concert at Newcastle in Spring, 2004. During the Elements European Tour 2004.

The movie Remedy Live, released in 2005, features 25 songs from artists like Steve Howe. What is your favorite song from Remedy Live?


Songs from Remedy Live

Intersection Blues
Where I Belong
Small Acts Of Human Kindness
Sensitive Chaos
Country Viper
Diary Of A Man Who Vanished
Across The Cobblestone
America/ Southern Solo
Nature Of The Sea
Excerpts from: 'Close To The Edge'
So Bad
Lost Symphony
While Rome's Burning
Raga/ My White Bicycle
Leaves Of Green (Excerpt from: The Ancient)
Steve Howe
J's Theme
Mood For A Day
To Be Over
Second Initial
Distant Seas
Smoke Silver