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Ranchero (2008)

Ranchero unfolds in a small provincial jail in Rizal. It's about Ricardo whose last day in jail is today. He and his close friend Miyong work in the jail's kitchen. The two spent the whole morning talking about Ricardo's plans when he gets out of jail. After lunch, one of the kitchen knives went missing and this was brought to the attention of jail officials. Not only will this event affect food preparation in the jail's kitchen but also the lives of both of them.

The movie Ranchero, released in 2008, features 6 songs from artists like Cadillac Angels. What is your favorite song from Ranchero?


Songs from Ranchero

At the Texaco
Cadillac Angels
Lena Marie
Cadillac Angels
Fast Freight
Cadillac Angels
Sweat on the Road

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