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Ram Dass, Fierce Grace (2001)

Once a symbol of '60s counterculture and psychedelic drug use, Ram Dass has since become a renowned speaker and author on the topics of aging, spirituality, and overcoming the mistakes of the past. This documentary chronicles his journey from his affiliations with LSD advocate Timothy Leary to his endeavor to continue remaking himself after his stroke in 1997.

The movie Ram Dass, Fierce Grace, released in 2001, features 11 songs from artists like The Hampton String Quartet and The Sufi Choir. What is your favorite song from Ram Dass, Fierce Grace?


Songs from Ram Dass, Fierce Grace

Be Here Now
The Night of the Stroke
Somebody Training
White Rabbit
The Hampton String Quartet
There We Are
Ram Dass's Theme
Intro to India
Meeting Maharaj Ji
Sri Ram Jai Ram
The Sufi Choir

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