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Rainbow Raani (2006)

A sexy comedy with a message that shatters geographic and gender barriers for true love. The story revolves around a musical band called "The Rainbows": a quartet, like the Beatles, but composed of an African, an Indian, a Caucasian and a Chinese player.

The movie Rainbow Raani, released in 2006, features 7 songs from artists like Mitzi Miller, Mighty Sparrow, Karen Francisco and Arnab Banerjee & Mitzi Miller. What is your favorite song from Rainbow Raani?


Songs from Rainbow Raani

Behold The Rainbows
Mitzi Miller
Rainbow Raani Title Track
Mighty Sparrow
You Can Have Me Tonight
Mitzi Miller
Only A Woman Can
Karen Francisco
Arnab Banerjee & Mitzi Miller
Karen Francisco
It Breaks My Heart
Mighty Sparrow

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