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R??peri (2009)

After surviving an assault from a squad of hit men, retired CIA black ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team for an all-out war. Frank reunites with old Joe, crazy Marvin and wily Victoria to uncover a massive conspiracy that threatens their lives. Only their expert training will allow them to survive a near-impossible mission -- breaking into CIA headquarters.

The movie R??peri, released in 2009, features 9 songs from artists like Reijo Taipale, Katri-Helena, Olavi Virta and Tamara Lund. What is your favorite song from R??peri?


Songs from R??peri

Reijo Taipale
Sininen ja valkoinen
Jukka Kuoppam?ki
Puhelinlangat laulaa
Amor, Amor, Amor
Olavi Virta
Sinun omasi
Tamara Lund
Kirje Korvatunturille
Kauko K?yhk?
Olavi Virta
Movie Star
Harpo Svensson (as Harpo)
Timo Rautiainen