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Pyrates (1991)

As soon as they meet Ari and Sam get into a pretty passionate - and combustible - relationship. Indeed, the scenes of their rendezvous often seem reminiscent of the Chicago Fire. But the course of true flaming lust never runs true, and as they try to handle their all-consuming passion their two best friends endlessly meet to compare notes on developments.

The movie Pyrates, released in 1991, features 26 songs from artists like Primal Scream, Wassup!!, Chuckii Booker and The Perry La Marca Orchestra featuring Sid Cohn. What is your favorite song from Pyrates?


Songs from Pyrates

The Star Spangled Banner
Purple Haze
Primal Scream
The Ragtime Thing #1
Rough Up the Beat
Chuckii Booker
Voiche Sapete from 'The Mirage of Figaro'
Hava Nagila
The Perry La Marca Orchestra featuring Sid Cohn
The Perry La Marca Orchestra
Kiss of Fire
The Perry La Marca Orchestra featuring Sid Cohn
Out of My Mind
I Left You Standing
Jewel Eaze
Mother Universe
Soup Dragons
Love Will Keep Us Together
Kevin Bacon and Laurel Bleadon
Blue Face
La Gio Conda: Cielo e Mar
Girl Trouble (Up the Ass)
Violent Femmes
Flute Quartet #1
The Perry La Marca Orchestra
245 Days
Peter Himmelman
Carlton's Seduction Theme
BW Jam
Bernie Worrell
Bob's Yer Uncle
Happy Monday's
Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me
Kevin Bacon
Tainted Love
Kevin Bacon and Bruce Payne
House on Fire
Sussman Lawrence

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