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Public Jitterbug No. 1 (1939)

The government has set up a special agency to stamp out what it considers the number one public menace: the jitterbug. They aren't after the many followers, but the primary perpetrator of the jitterbug, who they've coined "Public Jitterbug No. 1". Hal Sturges is one of several agents working on the case who goes undercover as a dancer in Broadway haunts to find and capture Public Jitterbug No. 1. In his investigation, Hal runs across the beautiful Betty, a seemingly innocent bystander. Hal and Betty fall for each other. However Betty is unaware that Hal is a federal agent, and Hal is unaware that Betty is Public Jitterbug No. 1. Will their roles as agent and public menace number one take priority over their roles of man and woman?

The movie Public Jitterbug No. 1, released in 1939, features 7 songs from artists like Hal Le Roy, Betty Hutton and Tom Emerson's Hillbilly Sextette. What is your favorite song from Public Jitterbug No. 1?


Songs from Public Jitterbug No. 1

A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and You
Don't Want to Sing, Might as Well Dance
Hal Le Roy
Obviously the Gentleman Prefers to Dance
Public Jitterbug No. 1
Betty Hutton
I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
Tom Emerson's Hillbilly Sextette
Corn Jammin'
Tom Emerson's Hillbilly Sextette
When the White Azaleas Start Blooming
Tom Emerson's Hillbilly Sextette