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Project: Valkyrie (2002)

Jim inherits a 1940's giant robot from his grandfather. Unfortunately, he also inherits the robots arch enemy; a Nazi virus that turns ordinary people into cybernetic killing machines. Now, only a weapon from our past can save our future, as Jim and Valkyrie must race to stop the newly infected and their plans to take over the city.

The movie Project: Valkyrie, released in 2002, features 9 songs from artists like The Red Elvises, Anne Richardson and Gordon Bash, Grand Buffet and Steve Foland. What is your favorite song from Project: Valkyrie?


Songs from Project: Valkyrie

200 lbs of Pure Love
The Red Elvises
A Soldier's Things
Anne Richardson and Gordon Bash
Double Crazy
Grand Buffet
Code #0322-02332
Grand Buffet
Sgt. Rock's Green Boot Bounce
Grand Buffet
Candy Bars
Grand Buffet
Oh, Susannah
Steve Foland
Fly Away Bird
Selena Catilina
Operation Normal Human Being
Sing the Evens Play the Odds

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