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Pride and Prejudice (2003)

Elizabeth Bennet is a hard-working, intelligent college student who won't even think about marriage until she graduates. But when she meets Jack Wickham, a good-looking playboy, and Darcy, a sensible businessman, Elizabeth's determination is put to the test. Will she see through their exteriors and discover their true intentions? Based on Jane Austen's timeless tale Pride and Prejudice.

The movie Pride and Prejudice, released in 2003, features 28 songs from artists like Stephanie Smith, Ben Carson, Carmen Rasmusen and Trey Warner of Rated Hero. What is your favorite song from Pride and Prejudice?


Songs from Pride and Prejudice

Ride Of The Valkyries
Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Nothing Wrong
Stephanie Smith
Ben Carson
Be With You
Carmen Rasmusen
Bookstore Suite
Ben Carson
Ben Carson
All The Way
Trey Warner of Rated Hero
Dream On Dream
Jeff Foster
Jane's Attraction
Ben Carson
Elizabeth's Dream
Ben Carson
My Baby
Ben Carson
Bling Bling Daddy
Scott Reinwand
Not Enough Of You
Ben Carson
Ben Carson & Scott Reinwand
Condition Of Desperation
Randy Porter
Cowboy Rompin'
Brilliant Stereo Mob
Match Point
Ben Carson
Bingley Leaves
Ben Carson
Self Portrait
Stephanie Smith
Solid Comma Girl
Brilliant Stereo Mob
Mutual Attraction
Ben Carson
Cool Hand
Can't Stand The Way You See Me
Ben Carson & Scott Reinwand
My Giant
Stephanie Smith
Nothing Wrong Reprise
Jamen Brooks
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
Rainy Kerwin and Kam Heskin
Scotland the Brave