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Pregi (2004)

Following the death of his mother in '80s Poland, 12-year-old Wojciech has taken the brunt of his stressed father's frustrations with him; the boy frequently gets punished via belt. Wojciech's father occasionally tries to, instead, bond with him, but soon snaps back to his short-fused habits. Apart from Wojciech's friend Bartek, no one does anything to help. Jump to present day, Wojciech is a furrow-browed journalist who spends most of his spare time spelunking alone. Just like his father, he has serious anger management issues. Fellow caver Tania feels inexplicably attracted to him, but the love of a good woman may not be enough.

The movie Pregi, released in 2004, features 7 songs from artists like Lady Pank, Rezerwat and Inferno. What is your favorite song from Pregi?


Songs from Pregi

Suite for cello solo BWV 1012 prelude 34
Zakl?cenie porzadku
Lady Pank
Fabryka malp
Lady Pank
Zaopiekuj sie mna
Hate crime
Hojas blancas
Mar?a Isabel Garc?a