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Pour Sacha (1991)

Israel, 1967. Sacha and Laura have been living in a kibbutz near the Syrian border for two years. They are visited by Simon, Michel and Paul, three friends from Paris who have come to celebrate Laura's twentieth birthday. Simon is obsessed by the death of the girl he loved and during the birthday evening, attempts to find someone to blame amongst his friends. Laura alone knows that the young girl died of a broken heart. She also loved Sacha.

The movie Pour Sacha, released in 1991, features 4 songs from artists like The Platters and Chocolate Menta Mastik. What is your favorite song from Pour Sacha?


Songs from Pour Sacha

The Great Pretender
The Platters
Sheleg Al Iri
Chocolate Menta Mastik
Yerushalaim Shel Zahav