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Pitch (1997)

A Canadian documentary featuring two young filmmakers attending the Toronto Film Festival to pitch a film concept to various celebrities. Their film idea, titled "The Don", concerns a Mafia don who goes for a hernia operation but gets a sex change instead. During the 1996 Toronto Fest, they approach Roger Ebert, Norman Jewison (at a packed press conference), Eric Stoltz (leaving a limo), Al Pacino, and others without much success. On a roll, they leave Toronto for Hollywood, getting advice from Arthur Hiller and Neil Simon and finding an agent who expresses interest in their pitch.

The movie Pitch, released in 1997, features 11 songs from artists like Smoke Show and Ken Skinner and the Jazzmongers. What is your favorite song from Pitch?


Songs from Pitch

Roswell Farm
Smoke Show
Snooze Blues
Felonius Punk
Ken Skinner and the Jazzmongers
Brother K
Ken Skinner and the Jazzmongers
Vacationing in America
Smoke Show
Italian Ufology Today
Flutterby Bulley
Smoke Show
Clogs from the Crypt
Soul Food
Plastics for 500, Bob