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Piso porta (2000)

Athens 1966. Dimitris, 13, unexpectedly loses his father. Seeing his pampered mother collapse, the boy gets carried away and decides to skip childhood in order to stand by her. When he feels ready, he has to claim his mother back from an up-and-coming star of the military regime. A brutal coming-of-age story, where Dimitris reacts in vengeance, changing thus the course of Greek history...

The movie Piso porta, released in 2000, features 25 songs from artists like The Zombies, Manolis Angelopoulos, Hristos Thivaios and Stelios Kazantzidis. What is your favorite song from Piso porta?


Songs from Piso porta

Machine Gun
She's Not There
The Zombies
Oso axizeis esy
Manolis Angelopoulos
Blowing in the Wind
Piso porta
Hristos Thivaios
Osi glyka ehoune ta heili sou kai i matia sou
Stelios Kazantzidis
Fengari magia mou 'kanes
Strose to stroma sou gia dyo
Dolore La Vida Lola
Mi mou filas ta matia mou
Vicky Mosholiou
Sapio sanidi patisa
Spyros Zagoraios
La Blusa Azul
The Word
The Beatles
Squeeze Her, Tease Her
The Animals
Blue Birds
Sele Cose Stano Cosi
Sergio Endrigo
I Ellada pote den pethainei
Athinaiki Filarmonia
Athina kai pali Athina
That's All I Am To You
The Animals
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Beatles
Drive My Mustang
96 Tears
Athinaiki Filarmonia
To Evzonaki
Athinaiki Filarmonia
Gia mia Galaxidiotissa

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