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Pink Nights (1985)

Danny is shy and always astonished how his friend Jeff can just walk up to a total stranger and say "Hi!". Even more astonishing that Danny meets three girls the next week and when his mother goes on vacation, one after the other shows up on his doorstep and they move in with him! However that's rather a problem for Danny, because, in love, he's just with one of them.

The movie Pink Nights, released in 1985, features 13 songs from artists like Phil and Blanche as the optimist club, Bohemia and Phil n the blanks. What is your favorite song from Pink Nights?


Songs from Pink Nights

Hasta Luego
Controversy Between
Meet me at the same line
Sample D
Stop, Stop
Phil and Blanche as the optimist club
Every Day
You don't even know
Automatic Mind
Dance, Dance
Phil n the blanks
Let's Make Up
Oh Boy!
Love Alone
Head Screwed On

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