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Parenti serpenti (1992)

Like every year, everyone is going back to the ancestral family's home for the Christmas holidays. But this time, the old folks have a surprise, a good surprise for them. They have decided to go living with one of their children and make him or her inherit the family house.

The movie Parenti serpenti, released in 1992, features 12 songs from artists like Enzo Jannacci, M.C.J., Shannon and Eros Ramazzotti. What is your favorite song from Parenti serpenti?


Songs from Parenti serpenti

Enzo Jannacci
To Yourself Be Free
Give Me Tonight
Libero Dialogo
Eros Ramazzotti
Toto Cutugno
Muoviti Muoviti
Loredana Bert?
Bambinissimi Papa
Carlotta Scintu
La Canzone del Creato
Piccolo Coro DellAntoniano
Piccoli Giganti
Matia Bazar
La Carica Dei Bambi
Avion Travel
Night Tme Lady
Ritchie Sin