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Pagafantas (2009)

Bilbao, Spain. After breaking up with Elisa, his girlfriend for several years, Txema meets Claudia, a gorgeous Argentinian girl, in a very awkward situation. They become friends so soon and so easily that Txema misinterprets Claudia's feelings for him.

The movie Pagafantas, released in 2009, features 9 songs from artists like Manos de Topo, Gorka Otxoa and Sabrina Garciarena, Demis Roussos and Los Punsetes. What is your favorite song from Pagafantas?


Songs from Pagafantas

Entre dos tierras
H?roes del Silencio
El cartero
Manos de Topo
Entre dos tierras
Gorka Otxoa and Sabrina Garciarena
Velvet Mornings
Demis Roussos
Sha la la
Los Punsetes
Que me dieron boleto
Lohengrin: Marcha nupcial
Velvet Mornings
Charly Barbarroja

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