Songs from Movies

Out of the Loop (1997)

A feature-length documentary on the 1990s Chicago rock scene.

The movie Out of the Loop, released in 1997, features 20 songs from artists like Sister Machine Gun, Die Warzau, Eleventh Dream Day and Triple Fast Action. What is your favorite song from Out of the Loop?


Songs from Out of the Loop

Get on the Bus
The Power of Independent Trucking
Bad Penny
Monkey Trick
Dancing Naked Ladies
Then Comes Dudley
Sister Machine Gun
The Stroke
Sister Machine Gun
All Good Girls
Die Warzau
Two Is Enough
Owed to a Devil
After This Time Is Gone
Eleventh Dream Day
Triple Fast Action
Red Red Meat
Jealous of the Stars
Blood, Guts, and Firetrucks
Veruca Salt
She's a Brain
Veruca Salt
Good Disaster
Veruca Salt
Eleventh Dream Day