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Otaku Unite! (2004)

Otaku Unite! is a feature-length documentary on the history of Japanese animation fandom in the United States: from the importation of anime in the early 60s to the current boom in both the visibility and accessibility of its accompanying fandom.

The movie Otaku Unite!, released in 2004, features 18 songs from artists like Buli, Mummy the Peepshow, Softball and Flamenco A Go Go. What is your favorite song from Otaku Unite!?


Songs from Otaku Unite!

The Scale Monster
Terebi Sento Theme
A Sky Lark
Grandpa Train
Kick Off!
Mummy the Peepshow
The Pebbles Twist
Honey & Sandwich
Mummy the Peepshow
Sandness Strike Me, Ah-Huh
Flamenco A Go Go
Bathtime Tune
Mummy the Peepshow
Mummy the Peepshow
Foam of the Daze
Blue Like the Sea
Hang on the Box
The Diner at Midnight
Desanoyo Twist
Petty Booka
Pierrot Le Fou
Not Alone

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