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Ores koinis isyhias (2006)

Summer in an Athenian neighborhood, the alarm of a car does not leave their neighbors in peace. But every one has its own problems. Infidelity, robbery, jealousy, flirtation, and family reconciliation on corpses, all pour forth into five intertwined stories

The movie Ores koinis isyhias, released in 2006, features 6 songs from artists like Athina Routsi and The Voyage Limpid Sound. What is your favorite song from Ores koinis isyhias?


Songs from Ores koinis isyhias

Eho petaxei mazi sou
Ores koinis isyhias
Esse Olhar (Heirokrotima)
Athina Routsi
Anne Victoria Spencer
The Voyage Limpid Sound
Tears & T.V.
The Man Who Knows

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