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Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story (2003)

Like a warped fun-house mirror, the song-poem industry has run parallel to the mainstream music business for close to a century; it's estimated that over 200,000 song-poems have been recorded since 1900. The genre's durability can be traced to three of our deepest American desires - to be in show business, to get rich quick, and to share and express our deepest feelings. We meet several of the "songwriters" - from an elderly woman to a young African-American man to a small-town Iowan with big-time dreams - each of whom has been in the "business" for awhile, churning out odd compositions that cover the waterfront of American obsessions, from Jesus to genitalia, from politics to Elvis. We also meet the producers (often known as song-sharks) who hold out the tantalizing promise of fame to their eager customers, and the has-been musicians who sit in studios, day after day and year after year...

The movie Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story, released in 2003, features 33 songs from artists like Rod Rogers and the Swinging Strings, Norm Burns and Singers, David Fox and Ramsey Kearney. What is your favorite song from Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story?


Songs from Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story

Elmer 21st Century Hop
Rod Rogers and the Swinging Strings
Human Breakdown of Absurdity
Norm Burns and Singers
Non-Violent Tae Kwon Do Troopers
David Fox
Loving Annie Oakley
David Fox
David Fox
Blind Man's Penis
Ramsey Kearney
I Am a Ginseng Digger
Sunburst Recording Studio Musicians
Rod Rogers
Richard Nixon
Rod, Teri, and the MSR Singers
Santa Claus Goes Modern
Rod Rogers
The Day Snowflakes Were Born
Rodd and the MSR Singers
I'm Just the Other Woman
Rodd and the MSR Singers
Betsy and her Goat
Bobbi Blake
The Resurrection
The Will of God
Keith Bradford
No More Liberty
Buddy Raye
The King Lives On
Ralph Lowe
Jimmy Carter Says Yes!
Gene Marshall
Beyond the Sunset
Jo Comberiate
A Baby
Dick Kent
The Safety Song
Dick Kent
The Thing
David Fox
The 23rd Channel
Sunburst Recording Studio Musicians
Little Rug Bug
Ecstasy to Frenzy
Flitting Firefly
Out in the Woods
Sunburst Recording Studio Musicians
Chicken Insurrection
Gary Forney and Joshua Forney
Three-Eyed Boy
Gary Forney and Joshua Forney
Nighttime Whispers
Ramsey Kearney
My Lonely Town
Randy Archer
Cloud Nine

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