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Nitrato d'argento (1996)

This documentary celebrates the 100th anniversary of the cinema birth. It is an historic running through the technical and artistic evolution of the 7th art. We move from mute to sound, from B&W to color, trough all the genders (musical, Lyric, politic...). Beside it we have a kind of resume of the historic contest in which cinema lived till now, events and movements (neo-realism, classical etc.). All the aspects are taken in consideration: fashion, star system till the end, the sad end, of cinema in the theaters.

The movie Nitrato d'argento, released in 1996, features 17 songs from artists like Laszlo Farkas, Garibaldi, Enrico Caruso and Louis Armstrong. What is your favorite song from Nitrato d'argento?


Songs from Nitrato d'argento

Jingle Bells
El dia que me quieras
Lara's Theme
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Laszlo Farkas
Improvisation au cin?ma
Que te la pongo
Piscatore e Pusilleca
Kicsi vagyok en
Csak egy kislany
Hires ember notaja
Fenestra che lucea
Enrico Caruso
Zorba the Greek
Gone with the Wind
I'll Be Glad When You Are Dead
Louis Armstrong
Ya no hay mujeres feas

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