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Niagara Falls (2006)

NIAGARA FALLS is more than the celebration of a natural wonder: it's a study of human achievement and human folly on an epic scale. It is a tale of exploitation and preservation and the changing nature of love in America - of the way Man has related to Nature over centuries. With spectacular high definition videography, the camera takes us to the edge of the falls via helicopter and boat; we see newsreel footage, actual weddings and much more

The movie Niagara Falls, released in 2006, features 6 songs from artists like the North Texas Wind Symphony and Denver Oldham. What is your favorite song from Niagara Falls?


Songs from Niagara Falls

Shuffle Off to Buffalo
Niagara Falls
the North Texas Wind Symphony
Magnolia Suite, No. 2, Deserted Cabin
Denver Oldham
Magnolia Suite, No. 4, Mammy
Denver Oldham
Magnolia Suite, No. 5, The Place Where the Rainbow Ends
Denver Oldham