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Mystery Date (1991)

Tom McHugh quickly learns that his perfect big brother Craig isn't all he's cracked up to be while on a night on the town with the girl next door, during which Tom is harassed by unpleasant strangers, threatened by mobsters, pursued by police, attacked by an irate florist, accused of murder, and has his date kidnapped—all because everyone thinks he's Craig...and the classic 1959 DeSoto Firesweep he borrowed off his brother has two dead bodies in the trunk.

The movie Mystery Date, released in 1991, features 16 songs from artists like Tone Loc, INXS, Wilson Pickett and Francoise Louvay Pro Musica Symphony Orchestra. What is your favorite song from Mystery Date?


Songs from Mystery Date

Happy Birthday to You
Funky Cold Medina
Tone Loc
Wilson Pickett
Mussette's Waltz
Francoise Louvay Pro Musica Symphony Orchestra
Remember My Name
Toy Matinee
Kitem Fe Safem
Tabou Combo
Zap, Zap
Tabou Combo
Tar Babies
The Horror of YG
String Quartet in B Major Opus 10, No. 4 KV458 'Hunting Quartet'
the Mozarteum Quartett, Salzburg
Tunic (Song For Karen)
On My Way
Lily Was Here
David A. Stewart introducing Candy Dulfer

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