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Muttertag (1993)

48 hours in the life of the Neugebauer family. The May weekend with a small family celebration, which was planned as peaceful and contemplative, turns out to be a kind of Rocky Horror Picture Show in Vienna's municipal housing estate. Just like the other residents, the Neugebauers are preparing for the impending Mother's Day.

The movie Muttertag, released in 1993, features 6 songs from artists like Barbara Spitz and Wiener Wunder, Roland Neuwirth & Seine Hawara and Mandy. What is your favorite song from Muttertag?


Songs from Muttertag

Barbara Spitz and Wiener Wunder
Barbara Spitz and Wiener Wunder
Ollas Net Woa
Roland Neuwirth & Seine Hawara
Mamas & Papas
Barbara Spitz and Wiener Wunder
In Dieser Nacht Oder Nie
Barbara Spitz and Wiener Wunder
Hand In Hand Am Palmenstrand

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