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Morbid: A Love Story (2009)

Christian is a typical college student, besides the fact that he is a serial killer. He sees death as the greatest art form, ranking his targets by degree of difficulty and making his victims his easel. Christian takes a liking to Belle a girl in his class and falls in love. He decides he wants to lead a normal life and stop his killing ways, but old habits die hard.

The movie Morbid: A Love Story, released in 2009, features 12 songs from artists like "Collabo", "Streamline", A.J. Hicks and Matthew C. Dumond. What is your favorite song from Morbid: A Love Story?


Songs from Morbid: A Love Story

Night Break
Can You
Time Bomb
The Horror
A.J. Hicks
Matthew C. Dumond
Twinkle Little Star
DJ Aerith
Damaged Youth
I Wanna
GOODIEBOYZ & Twisted Prodigy
Can You
To The Help
Matthew C. Dumond
Came to Far
Matthew C. Dumond , Shabazz the Disciple and ET