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Montenegro (1981)

Marilyn Jordan, an American, lives in Stockholm with her Swedish husband and family. Her behavior is bizarre, perhaps mad: she poisons the dog's milk and advises the dog not to drink it; she sets the sheets afire as her husband sleeps; she crawls under the dining table to sing. While detained at airport customs for carrying pruning shears, she meets a young Yugoslav woman and goes with her to a Gypsy enclave where she's fought over, takes a lover, helps with the sordid entertainment at a bar, and returns home more dangerous than before. The film also tells parallel stories of Marilyn's daughter becoming a junior homemaker as the young immigrant practices her striptease.

The movie Montenegro, released in 1981, features 6 songs from artists like ABBA, Marianne Faithfull, Marianna Jacobi and Susan Anspach. What is your favorite song from Montenegro?


Songs from Montenegro

Why Did It Have To Be Me
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
Marianne Faithfull
The Rythm
Marianna Jacobi
I Do, I Do, I Do
Ramo, Ramo
Gimme A Little Kiss
Susan Anspach

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