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Monster Island (2004)

Mutant radioactive bugs attack VJs, Carmen Electra and an island full of MTV contest winners in this tongue-in-cheek tribute to B-movies, monster flicks and even MTV. MTV Original Movies presents Monster Island, a flick with old school effects mixed with hot new celebrities. There’s action, romance and big bugs--now is that something you really want to miss?

The movie Monster Island, released in 2004, features 7 songs from artists like Jeannie Ortega, Day Theory, Carmen Electra and Dump. What is your favorite song from Monster Island?


Songs from Monster Island

Got What It Takes
Jeannie Ortega
Afraid of Humans
Day Theory
Jungle Fever
Carmen Electra
Daily Affirmation
Shake Your Coconuts
I Don't Wanna Break-Up

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