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Midnight Movie (2008)

A rarely seen slasher flick gets a midnight screening at a run-down movie theater. The film's director was supposedly driven insane by it, but that doesn't deter horror fans, including Bridget and her boyfriend, Josh, from attending the showing. When the lights dim and the movie starts, they'd better prepare themselves for the scare of their lives. That's because they're not just going to be watching this bloodbath -- they're going to be starring in it.

The movie Midnight Movie, released in 2008, features 11 songs from artists like Joey Hanna and Brian Dennis, David Ray, Vs the Earth and Uwe Harnisch, Linus Chen, Alitia Harnisch and Guy Lillico. What is your favorite song from Midnight Movie?


Songs from Midnight Movie

Tragic Thing
Joey Hanna and Brian Dennis
Blues This Morning
David Ray
Better Off Dead
Vs the Earth
Uwe Harnisch, Linus Chen, Alitia Harnisch and Guy Lillico
Scott Krippaehne
Urban Hive
Mark Hvilsted
Vs the Earth
Get Off The Ride
Steven Mark
Hold Your Breath
Joshua Denning
Seen It All
Hold On

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