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Memphis the Musical (2011)

Memphis is set in the places where rock and roll was born in the 1950s: the seedy nightclubs, radio stations and recording studios of the musically-rich Tennessee city. With an original score, it tells the fictional story of DJ Huey Calhoun, a good ole' local boy with a passion for R&B music and Felicia Farrell, an up-and-coming black singer that he meets one fateful night on Beale Street. Despite the objections of their loved ones (Huey's close-minded mama and Felicia's cautious brother, a club owner), they embark on a dangerous affair. As their careers rise, the relationship is challenged by personal ambition and the pressures of an outside world unable to accept their love. Originally shown in select theatres, then broadcast as an episode of the PBS series "Great Performances" (season 39, episode 11).

The movie Memphis the Musical, released in 2011, features 20 songs from artists like David Bryan. What is your favorite song from Memphis the Musical?


Songs from Memphis the Musical

Stand Up
The Music Of My Soul
Scratch My Itch
Ain't Nothing But A Kiss
Everybody Wants To Be Black On A Saturday Night
Make Me Stronger
Colored Woman
She's My Sister
Say A Prayer
Crazy Little Huey
Big Love
Love Will Stand When All Else Falls
Change Don't Come Easy
Tear Down The House
Memphis Lives in Me
Steal Your Rock & Roll
The Music Of My Soul (David Bryan Version)
David Bryan

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