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Made in Heaven (1987)

A romantic, occasionally funny, drama about two souls who consummate their marriage literally in "Heaven". Mike Shea, in his first life dies as a young man performing a heroic rescue. Shortly after arriving in "Heaven" he meets a new soul, Annie Packert, who has never lived on Earth before. The drama centers around their separation soon after being wedded and the burning question is whether they will reunite on Earth before time runs out or whether they are fated to eternal soul-searching.

The movie Made in Heaven, released in 1987, features 17 songs from artists like Buffalo Springfield, Martha Davis, R.E.M. and Ric Ocasek. What is your favorite song from Made in Heaven?


Songs from Made in Heaven

Happy Birthday to You
Buffalo Springfield
Mr. Soul
Buffalo Springfield
We've Never Danced
Martha Davis
I Still Want You
Ric Ocasek
There's Only You
Luther Vandross
Up The Ladder To The Roof
The Nylons
I Am A Child
Buffalo Springfield
Same Time, Another Place
Mark Isham
Beyond the Frames
Mark Isham
Instead of Floating
Mark Isham
If You Want Me To Stay
Sly Stone
Long May We Love
Alberta Hunter
Why Should We Try Anymore
Hank Williams
Goodnight Irene
Ernest Tubb (as Ernest Tubbs) and Red Foley
Up Jumped The Devil
The Stank Band

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