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Macon County Jail (1997)

After she leaves her cheating husband, Susan Reed embarks on a cross-country road trip where she falls victim to a series of mishaps that land her behind bars in the redneck Macon County Jail. Once inside, she's subjected to endless acts of brutality from the guards and inmates alike. Things go from bad to worse when she's forced to defend herself against a rapist with tragic results. No longer truly "innocent," when the opportunity arises Susan flees with fellow prisoner Coley.

The movie Macon County Jail, released in 1997, features 9 songs from artists like The Gods of New Hollywood. What is your favorite song from Macon County Jail?


Songs from Macon County Jail

It's Alright
Around The Bend
Don't Wait
Pallas Athena
Just My Luck
Heartshaped Heartache
The Blue Hole
The Gods of New Hollywood

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