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Lovely & Amazing (2001)

An intimate family portrait of four hapless but resilient women and the bittersweet lessons they learn in keeping up with the hectic demands of their individual neuroses. Each of the women seeks redemption in her own haphazard way, but whatever salvation they find is illusory and short-lived.

The movie Lovely & Amazing, released in 2001, features 9 songs from artists like Pillbox, Poetized, Dr. Didg and Elwood. What is your favorite song from Lovely & Amazing?


Songs from Lovely & Amazing

I Must Be Crazy (2000)
The Microphone Song (1999)
Parts & Accessories (2000)
Made Ya Mine (1998)
Dr. Didg
Slow (2000)
Almost Gone (1999)
The Waiter (2001)
Forgiven (2001)
Coulda Beena Logger (2001)
Craig Richey , Jon Ossman , Joe Cassalino

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