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Local Boys (2002)

On Skeet’s twelfth birthday his older brother Randy buys him his first surfboard. Suddenly his summer turns to the endless search for the perfect wave, wild times and beach parties and eventually, finding his own daring adventures when Randy’s attention turns to a girl. Beyond his wildest dreams, Skeet is taken under the wings of surfing legend Jim Wesley who gives Skeet first-hand lessons in hot-dogging. Meanwhile, Randy, still dealing with the loss of his father and trying to fill his shoes, is jealous of Jim’s influence on Skeet and isn’t thrilled when Jim begins a relationship with their single mom. Tangled by the conflict between his brother and his newfound father figure, Skeet retreats to his room while longing to surf.

The movie Local Boys, released in 2002, features 19 songs from artists like Logan 7, Dick Dale, Sublime and St. John. What is your favorite song from Local Boys?


Songs from Local Boys

Logan 7
Dick Dale
Sunny Hours
Back Against the Wall
St. John
Fault the Police
Corporate Avenger
Temptation Girl
Molly Pasutti
Pulp Surf
Don't You Just Know It
Huey P. Smith (as Huey "Piano" Smith) and His Clowns
The Girl Next Door
The 4 of Us
The Game Is Over
St. John
Little Stinky Kitty
The Mermen
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Siamese Sex Show
Big Dog Walkin'
El Gran Skalsero
Los Mocosos
Belo Horizonte
Surf Bum
Giuseppe Andrews , Lukas Behnken , Archie Kao , Eric Christian Olsen and Jeremy Sumpter
Gonna Get Ya (Payback)
Walkin' Away

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