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Left Behind: World at War (2005)

A year and a half ago the world was hit with the biggest catastrophe it had ever seen. Without warning and without explanation, hundreds of millions of people simply vanished off the face of the earth. The world was in chaos like it had never been before. Yet somehow one man seemed to rise to the challenge. One man had the strength and conviction to unite a shattered world. One man gave the world hope. That man was NICOLAE CARPATHIA. He now rules the entire world.

The movie Left Behind: World at War, released in 2005, features 14 songs from artists like Micah Stampley, Jaci Velasquez, Kingdom Voices and Michael Tait. What is your favorite song from Left Behind: World at War?


Songs from Left Behind: World at War

Point of View
War Cry
Micah Stampley
With All My Soul
Jaci Velasquez
Call on Jesus
Before Your Time
On MY Knees
Psalm 139
Kingdom Voices
All You Got
Michael Tait
My Hope
Come Unto Me
Take My Life (Holiness)
Micah Stampley
Sweet Cherry Wine
Tommy James
Find a Way