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Le temps qui reste (2005)

Romain, 31, a gay photographer, learns that a malignancy may kill him within a few months. Decisions: treatment? work? how to tell his lover and his family. He remembers the sea and himself as a child. He stares in the mirror. He's cruel: facing death, he pushes people away - what's the point? He visits his grandmother to tell her; on the way, he chats briefly with a waitress. He looks at old photos, visits a childhood tree house. He takes pictures. Returning from his grandmother's, he stops for food and sees the waitress, Jany, again. She makes a request. He returns to an empty flat - his lover has left. Can Jany's proposition give him a way to move past self-pity?

The movie Le temps qui reste, released in 2005, features 10 songs from artists like Alexander Malter, Anja Lechner & Silke Avenhaus, Oleg Malov & le Keller Quartet and Motor Bass. What is your favorite song from Le temps qui reste?


Songs from Le temps qui reste

Symphony No. 3
F?r Alina
Alexander Malter
Anja Lechner & Silke Avenhaus
I-In some exhausted reverie
Oleg Malov & le Keller Quartet
III-In air clean and unseen
Oleg Malov & le Keller Quartet
Bad Vibes
Motor Bass
Tenebrae Factae Sunt
Orquestra Gulbenkian (as lorchestre de la fondation Gulbenkian)
No More Crying
Strawberries and Cream
Inox House

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